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Investors Application Form

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For further enquiries: Al-Usrah Inc.
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Type of Investors
Institutional Investors: Various Islamic based Institutional investors will be solicited to partner and invest in the University. These Investors will be expected to invest a minimum of one Hundred Million Naira (N100 Million) and a multiple of Ten million naira afterwards.

Big Cats: Investment Clubs or Group of Muslims (up to 20 people) who may want to come together as a group investor will be allowed to come in together for investment with a minimum investment of Ten Million Naira Only (N10 Million) and multiples of one million naira afterwards.

Solo Cats: These categories of investors are the well to do Muslims who are willing to invest up to Ten Million Naira and multiples of One million afterwards in the university.

Small Scale: These Categories of investors are those who wants to invest between One Million and Ten Million Naira Only.

Widows mite : These categories of investors who might be interested in Investing in the University but are not able to invest up to One Million Naira will be allowed to invest via one of the Al-Usrah special Purpose Vehicles (Like the co-operative). AlUsrah will be vested with the voting right on behalf of these investors.

Charity: Al-Usrah will solicit and accept Charity and sadaqa from well meaning people who wants to donate fesebililah towards the actualizations of the University project.

Partnership: Partnership will be sought on an opputunity basis with a reputable international university in the league of Top World Best 100 Universities with the aim to leverage on the name curriculum experience and most importantly goodwill to market the new University. (Possible similar model to the Curtin University/ Sarawak University of Malaysia and American University in Adamawa State). Graduating Students will have privilege of having two certificates from CMU and the international university.

All investors will be allowed to show expression of interest and will be allowed to do installment payments of their nominated investment amount over a period of two years.